Smart Media Group aims to play a vital role in the organization of events and exhibitions and hosting international conferences in a professional manner that corresponds to the various developments witnessed by the country. It also aims to invest its members’ innovative and creative skills and abilities in the different domains of work to keep presenting all that is new and novel. The group also seeks to support the work mechanics and focuses on the development of its members’ skills to, accordingly, exert a change in the quantity and quality of production; it also seeks to raise the competency of its workers and sharpen their functional skills to reach a level of efficiency known only in the developed countries.


Our Services

In the Field of Organizing Events:

Exhibitions, Theaters, Road Events Decor Services.

We prepare and construct the various types of decor, doors and partitions and all that is needed for the event, including preparing and constructing a stage, required partitions, the decor for exhibitions’ suites.

Dinner Hall Services and VIP Dinner (Special for Conferences).

We allocate a hall to provide guests and the audience participating in the event with lunch. During the intervals, all attendees are offered snacks, juice and hot drinks. As for the VIP dinner, the principal attending personalities and guests are invited to dinner on the event’s first day.

Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation Services.

Most events host speakers and experts from different parts of the world the thing which demands the services of simultaneous interpretation of the languages used throughout the event.

Media Coverage and Public Relations Services.

We tackle all that is related to news and media coverage by publishing a number of press releases, reports, interviews and promotions concerning the event; these are all published before and during the event and present all its practical dimensions and the news associated with it.

Main Theatre Equipment Services.

We prepare the event’s main theater, where all the action takes place, in the best possible manner to be compatible with the event’s theme; 

Receiving Guests and Participants Services.

Taking into consideration the main theme of the event and the number of the attendees, we prepare a special corner for the reception of the event’s participants. We also provide a team, professional one, to assure the best reception of guests and audience

Our Services

Public Relations, Major Services, Public Relations Management:

To achieve the corporate communication we aim at, the public relations management in Smart Media Group will provide a team to follow up with the client’s executive management; the team will be responsible for all the required media services.
  • The preparation of public relations plans on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Media management of exhibitions and events which the establishment is involved in. Different media consultancies.
  • Designing promotional campaigns and implementing them.
  • Preparing and providing media coverage for events in Arabic and English.
  • Making interviews during the various national events and then distributing them to different media outlets.
  • Following up all media outlets.
  • Inviting the different media outlets to cover the organized events.
  • Preparing press releases.
  • Preparing and implementing the artistic designs of media and promotional campaigns.
  • Total supervision of prints’ management and providing different designs of these prints. These prints include letter heads, business cards, folders, notebooks and the like.
  • We also offer a constant update for these designs in a manner that corresponds to the market’s development with preserving the establishment’s original identity
This service includes the preparation of a file that contains all that has been published about the establishment in the different media outlets. 

  • Offering plans and programs to support the efforts of the executive management which works in the domain of corporate communication.
  • Offering consultancies concerning the events and the businesses that are newly introduced in Smart Media Group’s work fields.
  • Supporting and supervising the implementation of promotional campaigns.
  • Assessment of competitive entities and suggesting ways to challenge competitors in agreement with the organizing establishment.
  • Offering media services which do support the promotional program aiming at creating a positive image of your activities.
  • Constant coordination and communication with the involved establishment to know its urgent promotional demands and public services.
  • Preparing quarterly or monthly periodic reports that reflect and represent the executed work.
    Offering help and consultancies concerning newly introduced businesses and works.

Our Initiatives

Istanbul International Prize for Learning Arabic
Istanbul International Prize for Learning Arabic
Mosul International Humanitarian Conference
Mosul International Humanitarian Conference
The Syrian International Prize for Humanitarian Action
The Syrian International Prize for Humanitarian Action

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Smart Media is important due to its existence in Turkey taking into consideration that this country is now a source of magnificent attraction and a global center where many projects, in different fields, are constantly implemented; it is also a location for a number of different and varying conferences and exhibitions which cover many vital and fundamental domains.

Smart Media is a multi-objective and tools regional group

Smart Media Group provides its services according to the latest methods and expertise in this field in correlation with the Arab traditions and habits. It also excels in understanding the various needs of the market. In Smart Media, we have a long experience in dealing with the various regional and international establishments. This experience allows us to define the type and the nature of business and the required means to develop it in accordance with the demands of the local market.

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